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Moe's Home Collection

210 E. Commerce Ave
C302, Commerce, Floor 3
High Point, NC 27260
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2021 Trend Forecast

Enhancing well-being with healing colors, minimalist forms & tactility to appeal to the senses to soothe anxiety & stress, this trend includes neutrals that bring comforting reassurance with pared-back tones that balance functionality with relaxation. With a mixture of powdery neutrals with blonde woodgrains, terrazzo, bouclé & linen blends for warming, tonal, tactile looks that feel clean but not uninspiring, calming neutrals will continue to be the go-to backdrop in 2021.

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The Story

As a fashion-forward lifestyle brand, Moe’s stays laser-focused on the end-consumer with a decidedly modern bent. The company calls their approach Design Made Simple, and stylistically speaking the point of view here runs the gamut from mid-century modern to industrial and Scandinavian. No matter the style, count on the look to be sophisticated, diverse, and authentic, with an emphasis on story, from where the materials were gathered to who constructed the item.

Launched as a family-run concern, Moe’s retains its entrepreneurial vibe, with an agile structure that consistently results in new and innovative products.  This year watch for calming neutrals, sculptural forms, natural fibers, and comforting curves. Expect connection to be a major theme throughout the product assortment this year, in addition to visuals, branding and narrative.

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Key Differentiators

  • Dedicated to quality furniture at accessible prices, Moe’s Home Collection has grown both its wholesale and retail divisions exponentially. There are now a total of 13 flagship and licensee locations around the world.
  • The direction for 2021 highlights home as sanctuary, exploring how connection, duality, tactility, and character work within well-lived-in, flexible home and commercial environments. 
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Sculptural Forms

This trend direction is all about distinct & unexpected shapes - embracing both novel shapes & postmodernist forms. Crossing boundaries between art & design, Moe's is fusing simple shapes & materials alongside more playful forms. This inspiration is drawn from organic, sculptural & freeform shapes.

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Comforting Curves

The comforting curves trend highlights curved forms in soft fabrics, muted colorways & natural materials for soothing, inviting looks. Ribs, folds & more fluid shapes will play into the end user’s desire for the pleasing silhouettes that encourage & promote rest & rebalancing. Their designs place emphasis on cozy, enveloping tactility, offering furniture & accessories that feature rounded edges & plump & overstuffed upholstery that attribute to positive sensorial charges.

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Natural Fibers

With the inherent tactility & beauty of natural grains & fibers, Moe's is focusing on a durable, material-led approach highlighting the intrinsic value there is to natural, elemental connections. With the use of woven materials & raw fibers to bring an element of nature, they have taken to pairing contemporary silhouettes alongside natural materials.

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