Vendor Profile

Steve Silver

222 S Main St
C-100, Club Level
High Point, NC 27260
businessBuilding: Plaza Suites
Furniture Product Categories
Upholstery - Motion
Dining Room
Occasional / Accents
Price Point
FurnitureDealer.Net Product Content
High Point Market Exhibitor
First Tuesday
Distribution Channels
Container Only
Mixed / Shared / Partial Container
U.S. Warehouse

Key Differentiators

  • Historically known as a casual dining/occasional house, importer Steve Silver has since expanded into bedroom, motion upholstery, and accessories/accents. 
  • A low-cost, value-driven provider with a 500,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art warehouse based in Forney, Texas, the company has an additional 400,000-square-feet  to further amplify service to mid-tier dealers. Inventory is available, and the company is consistently flowing goods across the country on its own trucks.
  • Importing goods from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Brazil and Mexico, Steve Silver is an industry leader in customer service, and backs up its commitment with more than 7,000 spare parts on hand for immediate delivery.
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The Story

Steve Silver has come a long way since selling close-out goods at Texas flea markets. Powered by a simple philosophy—deliver great looks at value prices—coupled with a fierce work ethic and dedication to customer service, the company has grown over the past two decades into a full-line powerhouse, far beyond its roots as a casual-dining and occasional expert. Indeed, motion upholstery now represents a significant portion of the company’s business. 

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Today the company partners on product development with significant retail accounts, yet now that it can fill truckloads with a mix of bedroom and upholstery in addition to dining and occasional, has been steadily growing in importance to mid-tier brick-and-mortar stores. Even more so, considering that when the pandemic hit, Silver chose not to cancel any container orders. When stores began re-opening, the company was well-positioned to meet pent-up demand, and while containers remain an issue for everyone, goods continue to arrive in its warehouse and ship out on its own trucks. At the same time, the Steve Silver team continued to develop product throughout the past year, putting it in the enviable position now of being able to show fresh, salable goods at First Tuesday events. 

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