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Key Differentiators

  • Family-owned business specializing in globally sourced bedroom, dining room and occasional in promotional to mid-price points.
  • Large enough to service top-tier retailers with direct containers, Crown Mark also values smaller, regional players and services their business with three domestic warehouses strategically located across the country—High Point, Houston, and Southern California—and a commitment to clear communication.
  • Focused on producing saleable, quality goods at attractive prices, Crown Mark has drawn on its long history in the business and strong relationships in sourcing and manufacturing around the world to consistently flow goods and maintain inventory throughout the pandemic. Additionally, the company is investing in new items and refined offerings to ensure there will be fresh product for dealers to see at First Tuesday events, as well as Markets.
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The Story

Known for its ability to serve majors with direct container business, smaller stores may be under the impression that Crown Mark is out of reach. They might be surprised to learn that the company Mark has an opening order of $500, and that thanks to more than 1.25 million square feet of domestic warehouses, Crown Mark regularly fills truckload orders for retailers of all sizes, with quality products at affordable price points.

In fact, as a family-owned company some 40 years in the making that believes the retailer is the brand, Crown Mark intimately understands what really matters, and it starts with a dedication to transparent communication, whatever a dealer’s size. Along with the givens—a consistent flow of on-trend goods aimed squarely at middle America—in traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles—insiders say the company really shines in the area of customer service. That likely stems from a corporate philosophy that values people, both customers and its own employees, many of whom have been on the team since the company first opened.

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