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Key Differentiators

  • One of the fastest growing lifestyle brands, Abbyson—Makers of the Living Experience™—is a fully integrated home furnishings company offering a complete line of stylish, high quality and value-driven designs.
  • Vertically integrated, Abbyson owns and operates its one-million-square-foot upholstery and case good manufacturing facility in Vietnam.
  • Abbyson is continually focused on design, talent, and technology, and is leading the way in the industry toward a more modern, data-centric multichannel and ecommerce model. The company invests heavily in both its workforce talent and technology, with new technology and software designed to  improve forecasting and inventory management providing customers with the data needed to make smart decisions today and a distinct competitive advantage.
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The Story

 For more than 30 years Abbyson has taken great pride in being a family-based home

furnishings brand that continually redefines itself through modern-day living—uniting stylish designs and statement looks through an integrated model focused on the needs of savvy costumers seeking value, speed, and quality.

As a family company, Abbyson believes relationships and strategic partnerships are of the highest value and has strategically aligned its business model and operations to fully service major online furniture retailers, retail partners, and the core audiences that are driving today’s market. Indeed, with its strength and experience in supporting today’s largest e-commerce retailers, Abbyson’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and customer service are built to enable today’s demanding multichannel retail models.

The company has fortified all aspects of the value-chain, including design and product development,manufacturing, customer service and marketing. Truly passionate about enabling today’s lifestyles through trend-driven designs that resonate, Abbyson is known for accessible product information online, personalized customer support, and efficient drop-shipping and delivery.

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