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210 E. Commerce Ave
D502, Design Center, Floor 5
High Point, NC 27260
businessBuilding: IHFC
Non-Furniture Product Categories
Decorative Accessories
Wall Décor
Furniture Product Categories
Upholstery - Stationary
Dining Room
Occasional / Accents
Price Point
High Point Market Exhibitor
First Tuesday
Distribution Channels
U.S. Warehouse
Designer Friendly
Drop Ship
Appointment Required
No Appointment Required

INVENTORY:  Available. Ask about closeout opportunities!

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Key Differentiators

  • Focused on translating high-fashion design with a modern edge into fun and highly affordable furnishings aimed at the lifestyles of young professionals.
  • Based in California, Zuo Modern complies not only with all residential quality standards, but commercial as well, making it a growing force in the hospitality and design industry in addition to retail. Capable of major installations around the globe, the company’s most recent project:  150 rooms in the SLS Hotel, Cancun.
  • Reinvention and eclecticism are the name of the game here stylistically here, with the colorful showroom consistently considered a must-see that packs a visual punch from Market to Market.
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The Story

Launched in 2005, partners Luis Ruesga and Steve Poon saw an opportunity in the marketplace to do business online. That turned out to be prescient. Today, the company is an international brand as facile at serving omnichannel retailers as it is major commercial design projects in the hospitality industry. Originally begun as an importer from Italy and China, the partners opened a factory in Tijuana, Mexico three years ago when tariffs took hold, which turned out to be another prescient move, enabling the company to deliver quickly to inventory-starved retailers during the pandemic. Throughout it all, Zuo Modern maintains an aptitude for fun and continues to embrace a mix of materials in its affordable goods for indoors and out, juxtaposing colors and finishes in often surprising combinations, always with a focus on durability and value. An “all my fault” service approach means should a problem ever arise, replacement parts are sent immediately, no questions asked.

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