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Ottomans are generally considered to be a piece of furniture for the living room, but their simple design makes them a perfect option for any place you choose. Ottomans typically don’t have backs or arms, which makes their usability very versatile. They can act as a footrest in front of your couch or be used as a seating option for your bedroom vanity. Some come with storage options while others are purely decorative. Whatever you wish to use it for, there’s a wide variety of styles and colors out there that can suit your needs. If you plan on using one as a footrest, make sure to measure the height of your sofa first! If your footrest is taller than your couch, you’ll be sitting at an awkward angle and it will make for an uncomfortable movie night. Not sure what kind to buy? No worries! We've gathered a large assortment of ottomans available locally near Atlanta for your convenience. Read on to learn about different ottoman types and where you can find them near Atlanta.

Ottomans with Storage

Who doesn’t love extra storage space? Some ottomans come with lift-tops that swing up to reveal storage cubbies beneath, and others come with tops that are completely removable. These are excellent options for stowing away extra blankets, pet toys, and anything else that clutters up your space! Other ottomans may come with drawers or a shelf underneath, which is the perfect place to stick those tv remotes and magazines. If you’ve got a smaller home or apartment, ottomans with storage may be your best choice since they can be used in multiple ways while still keeping your home clutter-free. Click the link below to take a peek at the storage ottomans that are available near Atlanta.

Cocktail Ottomans

Cocktail ottomans, also known as coffee table ottomans, tend to be a popular choice for people who want an extra spot to place their drinks and trays. The tops to these are a bit more firm than others, almost like an ordinary tabletop, so that there’s no risk of spillage. Others have reversible tops where one side is cushiony like the body while the other side is firm once you flip it over. If you’re looking to use your ottoman as both a drink stand and a seating option, a reversible top ottoman might be the better choice for you. Check out the cocktail ottomans available to you locally near Atlanta.

Tray-top Ottomans

Tray-top ottomans are great for setting down beverages and other things that require a flat surface to rest on. There are a few different types of ottomans with trays, such as ones that have trays built into the top. With these, some ottoman tops are removable so that you can flip them over when you want to hide the tray. With others, the tray itself is moveable, meaning you can flip the tray over to make it blend in with the rest of the ottoman when you decide to sit back and kick your feet up instead. Click the link below to take a look at tray-top ottomans available locally near Atlanta.

Ottomans with Wheels

If you have no idea where you want to place your ottoman, or you think you’ll want to use it in multiple areas, an ottoman with wheels might be a good option to consider. The wheels on the bottom of these ottomans make them a lot easier to move about your home, especially if you want one that’s bigger. No more huffing and puffing as you try to carry it from room to room! Check out the variety of ottomans with wheels near Atlanta.

Glider Ottomans

Though less popular than regular ottomans, gliding ottomans have a place in the home as well. These are popular to pair with rocking chairs, whether it’s with grandma’s favorite seat in the living room or in a new nursery. Glider ottomans have a mechanism that allows them to rock back and forth, meaning you can still comfortably kick your feet up without having your body bunch up in an awkward position when you rock forward. Many gliding ottomans don’t have a locking mechanism, meaning they may be hazardous around small children. Make sure to watch those little fingers so they don’t get pinched! Follow the link below to see all glider ottomans available locally near Atlanta.

Sleeper Ottomans

Similar to sleeper sofas, sleeper ottomans can convert into twin-sized beds. These tend to be slightly bigger than the average ottoman since they’re hiding a bed beneath the surface. These might be of interest if you tend to have friends stay over a lot. Not enough bedroom space? No problem! Just unfold your sleeper ottoman and your friend will have a comfortable spot to crash for the night. Check out the assortment of sleeper ottomans near Atlanta!

Shop Ottomans by Material

When purchasing an ottoman, the look and material is just as important as its functionality in your home. Leather ottomans, with their classic look, are still a popular choice for homes today. The most common colors for leather ottomans are blacks and browns, but they do exist in others as well. Purchasing a leather ottoman is a great way to bring a casual, laid-back vibe to your space.

If leather isn’t your thing, perhaps a different fabric will catch your eye, such as a suede or velvet ottoman. Velvet ottomans are always a crowd favorite with their elegant looks and soft material. These come in every color of the rainbow and make great accent ottomans if you want more of a statement piece.