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Santana Console Table by Lexington

Console tables, often referred to as sofa tables, are an excellent way to bring fresh energy to your living space. They're typically narrow in size, making them a great choice for hallways or behind the sofa. Like all furniture pieces, they come in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes, meaning you'll have no trouble finding one to fit your specific design style. Console tables come with many different kinds of features, such as extra shelves or drawers. This gives you plenty of space to stow away odds and ends around your home, or even show off your latest decor! Another popular feature is USB ports and outlets. Console tables can make great work-from-home areas if you need to plug in a laptop, or you can create your own coffee bar and set up an espresso machine. For you wine connoisseurs, some console tables also come with convenient wine bottle storage. To see a large selection of console tables available near you, check out the different sections below!

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USB Ports & Outlets

What would make a console table more modern than combining it with technology? Functionality meets practicality with these furniture pieces, giving you both storage space and the convenience of charging your phone or plugging in other electronics. With USB features, you can create a charging hub for your phones, tablets, and smartwatches. If your console table only has power outlets, you can plug in some kitchen appliances and turn it into something special like a coffee or smoothie bar. Additionally, you could purchase a stool and set up your laptop, creating a cozy new work or gaming area. These types of console tables are very handy in homes that have fewer power outlets available.

Wire Management

What's more of an eye sore than walking into a room and spotting a huge nest of cables and power cords? Thankfully, console tables with wire management features make that a thing of the past. These furniture pieces typically have small holes located underneath or in the back of drawers that are designed to loop cords through and hide them out of sight. Occasionally these tables will include cable ties or hooks to keep them tidy and prevent tangling. These furniture pieces are great if you plan on plugging in multiple electronic devices, such as phones, lamps, laptops, oil diffusers, and even TVs. Do note that you should consult with the individual product to see if your console table can hold the weight of a television before purchasing.

Wine Storage

If you're a wine lover, then you might consider purchasing a console table that has wine storage. This is the perfect option if you're low on counter space. They can come with open-shelf storage to display your collection, or if you prefer to be more discreet, you can find ones with doors for a more minimalistic look. Some even come with wine rack storage, giving you a special place for those fancy glasses. Before purchasing a console table with wine storage, consider how many bottles you'll be storing, if you want them to be displayed for all of your guests to see, and if you'll need some drawers for wine stoppers and openers. Whatever your needs are, you're sure to find the table that works for you!