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12-Drawer Dresser by Bernhardt

When it comes down to the bedroom, is it really complete without a dresser? Dressers are a must-have in any bedroom, not only giving you a place to stash your clothing, but also an extra spot to place decor, jewelry boxes, picture frames, and even dresser mirrors. They typically come in a horizontal shape since they are meant to provide a wide area to change in front of. If they are tall and narrow, chances are you’re looking at a chest of drawers rather than a dresser. Dressers can be purchased individually or as part of a bedroom set if you want everything to match. Like any other piece of furniture, dressers come in all sizes and styles. You can buy spacious ones with twelve drawers or petite ones with three drawers. It all comes down to what will work the best for you and your wardrobe. Down below you'll find the different types of dressers available from local furniture retailers near Houston, Texas.

Dressers with Phone Charging & Outlets

Dressers with phone charging capabilities and power outlets are becoming increasingly popular as technology plays a bigger part in our lives. Dressers with USB ports make it easy to plug in your phone for a quick charge as you get ready in the morning. Dressers with power outlets also allow you to plug in small table lamps, meaning you won’t have to buy huge bulky ones that take up floor space. Take a look at the dressers with phone charging and outlets near Houston, Texas.

Dressers with Mirrors

Though dressers and mirrors can be sold individually, some can come in matching sets. These mirrors can either be mounted on the wall or attached to the dresser itself to add height. Buying a mirror that matches your dresser can really pull the look of your bedroom together, but buying one that’s a different color or style can make it stand out and become a statement piece. A dresser with a mirror might be of interest if you spend a lot of time getting ready in your bedroom rather than the bathroom. That way, you no longer need to waste time running between the two just to compare outfits. Due to the mirror’s reflection, they can also make a room appear larger than it really is, making them a great choice for small bedrooms. Check out the selection of dressers with mirrors near Houston, Texas.

Dressers with Jewelry Trays

If you've got a lot of jewelry but nowhere to put it, consider purchasing a dresser with a jewelry tray. Some of these jewelry trays may be located in hidden compartments for security purposes, or they can have their own special drawers which tend to be thinner than regular clothing drawers. These jewelry trays typically have felt-lining to prevent the jewelry from shifting when the drawer is opened or closed, and it also keeps your precious items from getting dings and scratches. A jewelry tray dresser can be great if you don't want you valuables sitting out in the open or if you've got small children with sticky fingers. If this type of dresser is of interest you, take a look at the ones available locally near Houston, Texas.

Dressers with Cedar-Lined Drawers

Need somewhere to store last season's clothing without gaining that musty smell? Why not consider a dresser with cedar-lined drawers? Cedar-lined drawers are a popular choice in bedrooms for many reasons. Its natural scent keeps your clothes smelling fresh and helps prevent musty odors and mildew. It's also a great deterrent for bugs, meaning you'll never be surprised by holes in your favorite winter sweater. If this is a must-have in your home, follow the link below to check out the ones available locally near Houston, Texas.

Dressers with Felt-Lined Drawers

Felt-lined drawers may be of interest to you if you plan on storing jewelry, silverware, or other metal items inside them. The felt lining acts as a barrier between your valuables and the drawer, making sure that both the jewelry and the drawer itself don't end up with any damage. It also helps prevent your items from slipping and sliding when the drawer is opened and closed. Click the link below to check out dressers with felt-lined drawers near Houston, Texas.