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While sofas are often seen as the main character of a living space, loveseats are surely a supporting role. When it comes to choosing a loveseat, you can go with a variety of options. You can choose a piece that goes with a matching sofa set or you can go with something that accents your space. A s also a great standalone option for a smaller space and makes for a great spot to cuddle up with your pet, partner, or your favorite piece of literature. Below, you can see a wide variety of loveseats near New York City,New York that will suit your specific wants and needs!

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A stationary loveseat is a great option for any aesthetic. If you are trying to outfit a casual space, go with an uncomplicated loveseat with a classic silhouette, simple legs, and clean lines. While keeping it low-key, consider going for a soft grey or beige to ensure your piece flows expertly with existing furniture. Furnishing a more contemporary or retro space? Consider a bold loveseat in green or blue with stark metal accents that perfectly accent the piece, thus elevating your space. No matter the look you are trying to achieve, there is a stationary loveseat that will suit your home. Click the link below to see all stationary loveseats in New York City,New York.

Manual loveseats, allow you to put your legs up and relax after a long day. With the swift pull of a handle or lever, you are instantly laid back to read a good book or binge your favorite show. Many manual loveseats lean towards a more casual vibe, however, there are also options that have a more transitional look with warm leather finishes and nailhead accents. If you’re debating between a manual loveseat and a power reclining loveseat, keep in mind that a manual loveseat doesn’t need to be plugged in or charged, thus saving money on your electric bill.

Sit back and relax in the lap of luxury with a fashionable and functional reclining loveseat. This particular loveseat is ideal for a family room, den, or even a home theatre. Many reclining loveseats allow you to not simply put up your legs, but also allow lumbar support and motion headrest to assure you are able to get in the optimal position for watching your favorite movie or taking a quick snooze. This option is ideal for elderly consumers, those recovering from an injury, or individuals with knee problems as it is easy to get in and out of a seated position. Look for options with cup holders, storage consoles, and USB ports in New York City,New York to make your lounging experience that much better! Word to the wise, keep an eye on pets and kiddos around this piece as they can get stuck under the loveseat without you realizing it.

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Create a warm and inviting environment with the introduction of a casual loveseat. With this style, you can go down a few different avenues. Go with an ultra-plush option with pillow arms if you are trying to curate a relaxed space where everyone feels like they’re at home. You can also choose to go with a more neutral loveseat that has sleek track arms or rolled arms for a bit more pizazz!

Flared legs, geometric bases, and funky colors are all hallmarks of a contemporary loveseat. However, as with all styles, you can mix and match elements to create the perfect environment. Want to go with a modern, yet industrial look? Consider going with a handsome leather loveseat in a rich dark brown or a warm chestnut with a metal or wooden base. Want a more contemporary, yet glam space? Choose an option with a rounded back and button or channel tufting. This option will immediately add intrigue and garner praise from all of your guests.

Transitional, if you don’t know, is a combination of traditional and contemporary elements. Some distinguishing features of traditional loveseats include rolled arms with nailhead trim and bun feet. On the contrary, contemporary loveseats feature track arms and tapered or square legs. With transitional loveseats, you see a gorgeous mix of all of the mentioned features above. The combination is entirely dependent on what works best for you and your home. This could mean a loveseat with nailheads and tapered legs or a loveseat with rolled arms and a metal base. With so many options, there is no limit to the possibilities or creativity you could have with a transitional piece. Shop all in New York City,New York with the click of the button below.