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Desks are a popular furniture item in homes today due to their multifunctionality. They give you a space to work from home, a spot to sit and socialize with friends during zoom calls, and even provide you a designated area for your hobbies. Desks come in a wide variety of styles, so before you go out and buy one, it’s important to think about what its main purpose will be in your household. Some of the most popular desks to look for are desks for home offices and desks for homes with minimal space.

Desks for Home Office

Over the past year, working from home has become the new norm for many people. This has inspired a lot of individuals to turn their extra room or nook into a home office area. For many, this meant buying a new office desk, but how do you know which desk is the perfect work-from-home desk? Of course, the answer will vary from person to person and depend on what will help you be the most productive. If you need a lot of space for all of your documents and office supplies, then a U-shaped desk or a desk with a hutch might be of interest to you. If you’re tired of sitting in an uncomfortable chair for eight hours as you type away at your computer, then a standing or sit-stand desk might be a perfect fit. When it comes to desks for the home office, there are loads of options out there. Check out the different styles down below to see which one fits your needs best!

Desks for Small Spaces

If you live in a place with minimal room, such as a studio apartment or a tiny house, have no fear! There are plenty of desks for small spaces available to purchase. Whether you need a nook to use your laptop or a spot to sit and draw, there are many desks out there that are compact and won’t take over your space. Have an empty corner in your room that you’re not sure how to utilize? Try fitting a corner desk in there! Not enough floor space in your bedroom? Consider a floating desk that attaches to your wall instead. Look through the different desk styles below to see which type will fit best in your small space.

Computer Desks

Computer desks are a great choice if you work from home or have a home office. These are usually “computer ready,” meaning they may contain things such as cable management features, pull-out keyboard drawers, and a larger tabletop space in general to fit monitors and other computer necessities.

Writing Desk

Writing desks tend to be smaller in size and are a great option if you love to write or draw. These kinds of desks aren’t typically made to hold desktop computers, nor do they have good cable-management features. However, many writing desks today are made with laptops in mind, meaning you can continue to write that novel that’s saved in your computer files.

L-Shaped Desk

L-shaped desks, while larger, are meant to fit nicely in the corner of a room. They offer more workspace and storage compartments while trying to take up minimal room. These can work in any space, acting as a computer desk or just a spot to place decor and family pictures.

Corner Desk

As the name suggests, a corner desk is meant to fit in the corner of your room. Though it may sound similar to an L-shaped desk, corner desks are much smaller and do not span as much wall space as an L-shaped desk does. These are great desks for smaller spaces that don’t have a lot of room to work with. These are also a perfect way to fill empty corner spaces that may not otherwise be used, while still preserving room for other pieces of furniture.


Table Desks

If you’re looking for a more simple kind of desk, perhaps a table desk would be a good fit for you. These are smaller than regular tables and have much less storage space. Though some may come with a couple of drawers, there’s not nearly as much room as you’d get with other types of desks. These are great for when you need a space to use your laptop or when your children need a place to do their homework. These can also double as an accent table when not being used as a desk.


Desks with Hutch

Desks with hutches are a good choice for any room since they have an extra attachment for additional shelf and cabinet space. You can place one in your office for a spot to stack your stationery items, or even put it next to your kitchen for a neat place to show off those fancy dishes and small plants!


Fall-Front Desk

Fall-front desks, also known as secretary desks, are a bit of an older style. These desks have a panel that can be unlatched and pulled down to create a writing space, and typically have drawers beneath to double as a chest. The panel typically hides a bunch of smaller drawers and storage cubbies where you can place important documents that you don’t want anyone else touching. When you’re done using it, you can simply fold the panel back up until its next use.


Roll-Top Desk

Roll-top desks, while not very popular today, are still a good option if you’d like to cover up your clutter or even hide your computer and other office supplies while guests are over. These desks have a cover called a tambour that rolls down and locks in place, effectively shielding the contents inside from visitors.

Floating Desks

Floating Desk

Hanging Writing Desk: by Coaster

A floating desk, much like its name, gives the illusion that it’s floating. These desks have no legs but are mounted to a wall instead. These can be much better than traditional desks for people who live in homes with small rooms, or those who are going for a more minimal look. These are better suited for laptops rather than desktop computers since they don’t have as much tabletop space. When they’re not holding your laptop, they can double as a lovely display shelf for smaller decor items.

Standing Desks

Standing Desk

60" Adjustable Desk: Oxford Collection

Standing desks are growing more popular in office workplaces. These desks are elevated, allowing you to do your work while standing, which comes with plenty of health benefits. Some standing desks have a fixed height, meaning you can’t lower them if you ever feel the need to sit down. However, if you want to stand some of the time but still wish to give your feet a break, a sit-stand desk is a wonderful option. These allow the height to be adjusted, meaning you can raise and lower the desk whenever you wish.

Modern Desks

Modern Desk

Two Drawer Writing Desk: Everett Collection

Though it falls more in line with furniture style than desk type, it’s still worth mentioning that modern desks have become very popular today. Modern desks tend to have simple, sleek designs with very little embellishment, which is the opposite of traditional desks with their ornate designs and old-world looks. Modern desks are truly a sign of the times, many of them coming computer-ready with wire-management features and even built-in outlets. Not a fan of modern design? Check out some other design styles!

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