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Shop Recliners near Philadelphia

Shop recliners from local furniture stores near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A staple of comfort and relaxation, a recliner will add a sense of leisure to your home. With a multitude of styles, features, and functions, there is an option in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania that will fit your needs. Outfitting a “man cave”? Go with either a casual oversized look with a manual release or something a bit more modern and tricked out like a power recliner with lumbar support and led lights. Looking to add seating to a formal living room? Try a high leg recliner with nailhead trim or a push-back recliner with clean lines and an uncomplicated design.

Rocker Base Recliner near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Perfect for your little one’s nursery or in the living room as a spot to take a quick snooze, a rocker recliner can serve an array of uses. Unlike your classic wooden rocking chair, a rocker recliner is a more modern option with more features than its predecessor. Choose a perfectly plus option for a more relaxed feel, or elect for something more contemporary with clean lines and an uncomplicated design.

Swivel Base Recliner near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Swivel base recliners are a great option for a formal living room or a lounge space. They not only allow you to take it easy as all recliners allow you to do, but they also facilitate conversation by being able to easily turn to talk to family or friends. This is also a great option for an open concept living space as you can turn to watch television or shift to read a book.

Power Recliners near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kick back and relax at the push of a button with a power recliner. While one may think that a power recliner can only put your legs up, there are so many more features you can add. Many power recliners allow you to not just adjust your feet to the perfect position, but the back and neck also adjust to your needs. On top of that, some even feature leg, back, and neck massagers with the ability to add warmth as you take a load off. Perfect for those with back issues or those who simply want to unwind after a long day, there is a recliner option that will suit all of your wants and needs.

Lift Chair Recliners near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A lift chair recliner is a great option for those who are looking for a stylish yet functional chair. Lift chair recliners are ideal for those who have a hard time with mobility such as the elderly, those recovering from major surgery, or suffering from a chronic illness. Within the scope of lift chair recliners, there is a plethora of options-see the following to figure out what the best fit would be for your home.


1908-55 by Flexsteel

2-Position Lift chair: This is the standard model of lift chair. It's best as a tv chair or daytime chair, and not meant to be occupied for long periods of time due to its limited range of motion.

3-Position Lift Chair: 3-Position Lift Chair: A 3-position chair can be used for longer periods because it reclines further back into a "napping" position. But these chairs don't normally recline to a completely flat position, so they aren't recommended to sleep in at night.

Lay-Flat or Bed Chairs: The most comfortable and versatile lift chair option. Reclines to a completely flat position and sometimes is available with a mattress add-on.

Zero-Gravity Chairs: The seat cushion drops back and rises front to align the hips. This is meant to minimize muscle tension and reduce pressure on the spine.